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Born from the experience of 35 years of João Araújo in aviation and tourism in Brazil and abroad, from his stays in Chile, Uruguay, Argentina and the close international relationship, developing from strategic plan for launch, implementation and consolidation of products and Destinations through commercial agreements, promotional activities, indirect channel (operators, travel agents, incentives and Corporate) and permanent relations with public and private organizations. As well as the management of jobs in the final public disclosure also using offline / online and outside media for potential tourist destinations or products.


We are committed to the quality and satisfaction of our customer, and we understand the importance of paying attention to every detail. We work daily to maintain quality in our services, in order to meet your expectations. We devote all our efforts to offer you the best hotel alternative, expedition cruises and tourist market.


To be a reference in the market of representation in aviation, tourism and hotel.


Provide service efficiently, with clear, ethical and transparent processes.

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